Welcome to the

Knowlton Circle Benefice

The Knowlton Circle Benefice unites 5 parishes and 6 churches in North Dorset as a single local church, at the same time having respect to particular Christian traditions within the individual parishes. What this means in practice is that a varied range of worship is offered, including old and new styles of liturgy, the formal and less-formal, the simple and the ceremonial.


Reverend Robert Simpson


Jan Brown

Licensed Lay Minister

Canon Simon Tong

Licensed Lay Minister

Pattern of Services



Services are at 8am and 10am (a mix of Communion, Matins, Breakfast Church and other worship) with Evensong at 6pm.



There is a Communion Service every Wednesday at 10am at The Ascension, Woodlands.

Please consult either The Circle or The Quiver for the latest details on services

High Mass


There is a High Mass on the first Sunday of every month at 10am at Wimborne St Giles.